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How Do I Find the Correct Size?

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Finding the right size is critical to having comfortable and effective hosiery. The sock sizes you're used to may not translate to some of the brands and styles we sell. Each brand has it's OWN way of sizing, so it's important to check the Sizing Chart on the product page first.

Find the Size Chart

The size chart will explain how to select the correct size. Brands like Sockwell only use your shoe size (which you should be familiar with!) and other brands like RejuvaHealth will ask for exact measurements of your leg to select a size.

If you need to find exact measurements of your leg, use a soft tape measure and follow the guide below. If you don't have a soft tape measure, you can use a string or a piece of fabric and lay that out on a hard ruler or tape measure to see the measurement. If you tend to see swelling in your ankles and legs by the end of most days, it's very important to measure first thing in the morning.

How to Measure Your Leg


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