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Solidea's mission is to create the perfect mix of fashion and wellness to bring you the very best of both worlds. Solidea has 3 lines of unique fashion compression products:

The Shapewear Collection

Solidea's collection of control shapewear provides maximum slimming benefits from your body’s natural movements. Each of our shaping products is patented with iconic 3D Wave Knit, a scientific body massaging fabric that mimics the finest anti-cellulite massage. Our compression shapewear has the unique ability to energize muscles as it actively gets rid of body cellulite and targets stomach fat and stubborn trouble areas on legs and hips.

The Legwear Collection

Solidea's luxurious collection of compression hosiery keeps legs energized and slim without sacrificing style. Each of Solidea's innovative designs exerts more pressure at the ankle to encourage blood to flow up the leg, alleviating spider veins, varicose veins, swelling and more. Available in an extensive range of classic and high fashion shades and patterns.

The Maternity Collection

Pregnancy stretch marks. Pregnancy cellulite. Pregnancy spider veins and varicose veins. And then there’s back pain to boot. You can send it all packing with Solidea's innovative, maternity support shapewear and legwear. Maternity styles are designed to keep your circulation healthy, so you feel better the moment you slip them on. In fact, with hosiery this beautiful and effective, you might even forget you’re pregnant.

Solidea's Science

The science behind Solidea technology is as solid as its reputation for classic styling, performance and design. If you want to find cutting-edge of legwear and shapewear today, always look first to Solidea. As so many millions of women have discovered, Solidea's advanced designs feature revolutionary ideas taken from every industry in the world including the latest medical and sports technology as well as new discoveries in the rapidly-changing world of modern Italian textiles and knitting techniques. From the latest in graduated compression technology to space-age weaving techniques that massage uneven, dimpled skin to new smoothness with every move, the body of your dreams is here now with Solidea.

  • 3D Wave Massaging Knit: Whittles away inches, firms, tones and energizes using our patented body-sculpting fabric technology. The micromassage wave knit fabric stimulates up to 78% of sluggish lymph back into circulation. When toxins are removed, blood vessels and surrounding tissues are steadily nourished. Fat can then be burned as energy, resulting in fewer, smaller fat cells. 
  • Lipo-Compression Technology: Optimize reshaping and redefinition with the same powerful support prescribed after liposuction to boost circulation. For decades, doctors have prescribed compression garments to increase circulation, reduce water retention and swelling. Many believe that cellulite is caused by poor circulation in fat cells. Thus, by utilizing circulation-enhancing principles, our shapewear effectively reduces cellulite's appearance as it tones and defines.  Designed to boost circulation in thighs and legs, reducing the appearance of cellulite while reshaping and redefining curves. 

Featured in: Woman's World, Washington Post, American Baby, Glamour, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune and more.

Bottom Line

Solidea products are great for shaping trouble spots while encouraging healthy circulation. If you're looking for high quality, beautiful shapewear, don't look any further!

Compression Levels: Light (12-15 mmHg) and Mild (18-21 mmHg)

Styles: Sheer and Opaque

Lengths: Knee Highs, Thigh Highs, Pantyhose


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