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Recovery from Triathlons, Marathons and Races

Sigvaris Compression SleevesRacing, whether on a bike or on your feet, can be brutal on your body. It’s crucial to take care of yourself after your race or workout to prevent pain and injury. While there seems to be no definitive answer on what THE BEST recovery solution is, I’ve compiled a list after scouring athletic sites and magazines.

1. Foam roller: If you haven’t used one of these on your shins or quads, you are missing out. It’s hard to describe the feeling – maybe a very firm massage on your sore muscles? It releases an incredible amount of tension in the muscles. The Guardian has a great article on how to use the foam roller.

2. Proper diet: Every athlete has their different go-to meal post workout, but most people will agree: water, a mean that combines carbohydrates and proteins (4:1 ratio), and vitamins (omega3, vitamins E and C). Check these articles for recommendations on meals: Runners World and USNews

3. Compression socks:  Wearing compression socks after a run will increase circulation and move lactic acid away from the muscles, to prevent soreness. Some athletes wear their compression socks for up to 3 days after a big race or intense workout. Luckily there are some work appropriate ones, so you don't have to wear your neon sport stripes to the office!

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