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  • Compression Socks - Your Holiday Gift Giving Guide

    Compression Stockings for HolidaysIt might not be Thanksgiving yet, but the holiday season is certainly upon us. Let's give your friends and family what they really want this year: SOCKS. You might think I'm joking, but I assure you I'm not. Here's my evidence for why compression socks are the hottest gift this holiday season:

    1. A recent NYTimes article pronounced compression socks the newest must-have fashion accessory.

    2. The fashion columns have been talking about men's trouser socks all year long. Here. Here. Here.

    3. Stars like Harrison Ford, Lupita N'yongo, and Mindy Kaling were caught wearing and/or talking about their favorite support socks this year (in public!).

    4. Meb Keflezighi won the Boston Marathon in CEP Compression Socks.

    So, how do you pick the perfect compression sock for that special someone? Here are our suggestions:

    For the Frequent Flyer: Travel socks are a must for long-haul flights - they prevent swelling and relieve tired, aching legs.

    • For that special man in your life, try a Sockwell sock. They're really soft and come in trendy, but subtle patterns.
    • For ladies, we recommend Vim & Vigr Cotton socks in polka dots or argyle for flights. We love how soft these socks are AND the cute patterns.

    For the Athlete: Athletic compression socks reduce fatigue and have been linked to improved performance

    • Triathletes: CEP Sleeves will transition seamlessly from water to land.
    • If your athlete is always complaining about aches and pains, the Sigvaris Recovery Sock will ease their pain.

    For the Workaholic: Standing for long periods of time on the job will wreak havoc on your legs, but compression socks can help prevent swelling, varicose veins and more.

    For the Expecting Mom: Help the mom-to-be by taking some pressure off of her legs with compression tights and leggings.

    Worried about sizing? Use the size charts on the product pages to help find the correct size. We're also happy to offer a really easy return policy with full refunds for all items returned within 30 days.

  • Stars are just like us - Harrison Ford edition

    Harrison Ford rocking compression socks for a bicyclel rideHow does Hans Solo keep his legs healthy for his latest adventures? With compression socks, of course. Harrison Ford was spotted wearing Zensah compression socks in London this past week. He's there filming the next chapter of Star Wars movies - Star Wars: Episode VII.

    Ford wore the black Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks for a bicycle ride around town. Zensah socks are great for preventing shin splints, energizing legs, and reducing muscle fatigue during and after intense physical activity.

    So, if you're looking for Indiana Jones approved athletic accessories - look no further than Zensah compression socks.

  • Compression for Pregnancy - Does it Help?

    VIM&VIGR Compression Socks for Expecting Moms

    Swollen ankles and feet, tired legs, varicose veins - these are all common complaints during pregnancy. I can talk all day long about the benefits of wearing compression socks to treat and prevent these symptoms, and you can read about how they help on our site, but the most compelling proof is testimonials from real-live expecting moms. Check out what moms-to-be are saying about how compression helped them:

    Katie at A Mother Thing tested out Sockwell Calf Sleeves:

    "I absolutely LOVED the calf sleeves. I didn’t want to get real socks because I have a history of very sweaty feet, so I wanted something cute that I could wear with my boots OR with sandals. These fit the bill perfectly. I’ve been wearing them A LOT, and when I last saw my doctor, she was really pleased about how much less swollen my legs and feet were. Plus, they just look really cute. Even barefoot they are kind of adorable."

    Liz at The Diabetic Mommy tried out the Preggers line of compression:

    "Let me start by saying these compression socks are so incredibly comfortable...I started the night off swollen but by the time I got home my feet were back to normal. It was amazing. I’ve washed and worn them every day since. No lie.

    Next I had to try the leggings. Those are featured in the last picture. I liked them a lot. Be warned: the first time wearing them can be a struggle. With my swollen legs and pregnant belly in the way I got quite the workout putting them on. Once I did I was in heaven. You could just feel the relief. I have to admit they have worked just as well as the website boasts. I would recommend these to all pregnant ladies, and even diabetics. After wearing these my legs/feet were like new again."

    Holly at Eat Great Be Great also tested out Preggers Leggings in a few different colors:

    "I was lucky enough to try out the leggings in black and the tights in purple. First and foremost, I was impressed with the fashionable options and colors. Typically, I tend to think of compression garments as being ugly and drab, but that’s certainly not the case with the Preggers line. I also liked the fact that the material is very soft and not at all itchy. Both these products were super comfortable, and not only helped to reduce swelling in my legs and ankles, but also provide the right amount of support for my growing belly and achy back. I could seriously wear these everyday and would highly recommend them for all my fellow pregnant mamas."

    Hollie at Mommies With Cents! checked out the VIM & VIGR socks after suffering from varicose veins during her pregnancy:

    "When I was pregnant with my first baby my varicose veins started to get worse.  They didn’t really bother me but they sure didn’t look pretty.  By the time I was pregnant with my third baby they started to cause some discomfort.  Luckily, while still unsightly, the uncomfortableness pretty much vanished after birth.  That being said, I’ve been told by doctors that this will likely change as I age.  Compression socks were recommended to help inhibit swelling, alleviate soreness and reduce or prevent spider and varicose veins in the future. First of all, I have to say that I really enjoy the styles of VIM & VIGR socks.  I’ve always liked wearing knee highs and I like fun patterns too.  These are some of the most comfortable socks and very well made.  They’re the first ones I reach for whenever they’re clean!"

    Are you wearing or did you wear compression during your pregnancy? Tell us what you thought!

  • Best Socks for Teachers

    Sockwell Socks and Teachers

    My family is full of teachers whether blood or honorary and the one complaint I hear most often (aside from grading papers) is - "My feet and legs hurt!" After a long day of standing and teaching who can blame them? Many teachers spend a good majority of the day on their feet. In my mom's case she happens to be an English professor. Her field, of course, requires lengthy discussions of literature which for added effect sound better standing up, or if you are Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society standing on your desk reading Walt Whitman's O Captain! My Captain! Long story short, your feet and legs are tired after all is said and done. Standing for hours puts a huge amount of stress on your circulatory system - it has to fight gravity to get blood from your feet to your heart for fresh oxygen. This causes cramping, heavy legs and even varicose and spider veins.

    The good thing about these problems is they are easily fixed, especially with BrightLife Go's compression line. BrightLife Go offers professional and comfortable compression socks in different lengths and styles. Either way it is possible to be stylish and comfortable while teaching! My favorite styles from this collection are:

    Top and Derby Compression Socks
    These fun, geometric shaped socks come in 3 great color schemes and are designed for men and women. Perfect for a long day on your feet.

    Top and Derby compression socks in Coral of the Story

    Sigvaris Soft Opaque Thigh Highs
    Available in a variety of colors and are super soft.

    Sockwell Men's Argyle Compression Socks
    Available in a variety of colors. A professional man's sock with the health benefits of graduated compression and arch support.

    Vim & Vigr Polka Dot Socks
    Last but not least, Vim & Vigr offers a variety of patterns and colors. These cute compression socks are a must-have for every fashionista.

    Want to see more styles on how you can wear our compression socks and hosiery? Visit our Pinterest page for more outfits.

    Confused about compression socks? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.

    Browse More Compression Socks

  • Fall/Winter Color Preview

    On August 1st, we'll be offering a whole new line of colors in GOGO and Preggers. These colors are ripped right from the 2014 runways in New York and Paris. No need to compromise on fashion and style when you can wear the healthy compression you need, in the styles and colors everyone will be dying to get. Check out a few snapshots of the upcoming line.

    GOGO Mulberry

    GOGO Mulberry

    GOGO Slate

    GOGO Slate

     Preggers Eggplant

    Preggers Eggplant

     Preggers Dusty Rose

    Preggers Dusty Rose

     GOGO Cinnamon

    GOGO Cinnamon

     GOGO Silver

    GOGO Silver


  • Prop Stylist Swears by Compression Socks

    Kendra Smoot on A Cup of JoKendra Smoot is a beloved prop stylist for Cole Haan, Lucky Magazine, Kate Spade and more. What's a prop stylist you ask? Well a prop stylist assembles a photo shoot - laying out the furniture, accessories, background, fashion and more so that both photographer and model look amazing in a photo shoot! She was recently highlighted on A Cup of Jo (if you're not reading this blog, you should be) in a section called My Beauty Uniform. In it, she talks about her favorite beauty products and routines to make sure she's looking and feeling fresh from day to night.

    Here are a few of our favorite snippets, direct from A Cup of Joe:

    Have you developed any travel beauty routines?
    Whenever I fly, I drink big bottles of water and remember to use a face mist. And if I'll be in the air for more than four hours, I swear by compression socks! I discovered them when I had to fly to my brother’s wedding late into my second pregnancy—I didn't wear them, and by the time I got to my destination, my legs had swelled to twice their normal size! It was so uncomfortable. My doctor suggested I pick up a pair of compression socks and wear them on the red-eye flight home, and I could not believe what a difference it made. I had zero swelling but also tons of energy! I didn't even feel like I needed a nap after flying all night.

    As a stylist, you're obviously talented at creating beautiful moments. So I'm curious, do you have an overall beauty philosophy?
    Yes! I hadn't really thought about it until you asked. I think beauty is about contrast—that things shouldn't be too perfect. I'm "allergic" to things being too done-up, whether that be a room or a garden or my personal look.

    Read the full post here and check out our favorite travel compression socks here.

  • GOGO High Waisted Leggings: Product Review

    GOGO Leggings Product ReviewYesterday I tried out our new line of stylish compression hosiery – GOGO by Therafirm. I picked out a pair of the High Waisted Leggings in black because they seemed like a great option to pair with skirts and dresses for spring and summer. I was right! I wore them with a Banana Republic wrap dress and flats – perfect outfit to go from work to a late dinner out.

    When I put them on, one thing became immediately apparent that I didn’t get from the product description. These leggings aren’t completely opaque. When stretched, you can see your skin through them and whatever you’re wearing underneath – i.e. your underwear. So, definitely don’t purchase these to wear with a t-shirt – you’ll need to cover your bum. With skirts, shorts, dresses and tunics – these will be perfect.

    The next important thing to point out is the waistline. The high waist really is high – why did this surprise me?  Most stockings come just above the belly button – these come up to the bra line. I thought this was odd at first, but I ended up really appreciating it. First of all, it does provide some shaping support. They are not as strong as Spanx, but they do smooth everything out. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about an unflattering waistline showing up under your skirt or dress. My wrap dress was fairly formfitting, so any bump of fabric would have been visible.  The GOGO leggings just showed a smooth line! Lastly, the high waist is really comfortable – nothing is digging in at the waist when you sit, like jeans and other pantyhose tend to do.

    The fabric on these leggings is very stretchy, soft and comfortable. In the summer, my office is pretty cold, so wearing these leggings with skirts and dresses will be great. And, I still have the freedom to wear whatever shoes I want.  Most importantly, my legs were energized all day long. I have a tendency to sit all day long, so I need the extra 10-15 mmHg of graduated support and circulation to keep my legs feeling fresh.

    Overall these are going to be a great addition to my wardrobe and I’m excited to try the other colors!

  • What's the Difference between Sheer and Opaque?

    Kelsey Minarik, the CEO and Founder of RejuvaHealth - one of our favorite brands - explains the difference between sheer and opaque stockings below.

    Don't have time to watch? In short, opaque stockings and sheer stockings are equally effective. The difference is mostly in the "look" of the stocking. Opaque socks are thicker and usually have a richer color. With opaque, you won't be able to see your skin tone through the fabric. Or, if you held it up to the light, you wouldn't see any light come through.

    Sheer stockings, on the other hand, would let the light shine through. You can usually see your skin tone through the stocking, and air can more easily pass through the fabric. These properties make sheer options great for spring and summer when the weather heats up. Check out the stockings Kelsey is showing off in the video here.

    If you want the opaque look of a knee high sock (very popular right now!) for summer, look for fabrics that will be breathable and will wick away excess moisture. Cotton, all-season wool and moisture-wick nylon are great options. Sigvaris has great cotton and all-season wool options, and Vim & Vigr has great cotton and moisture-wick nylon options.

  • What kind of socks was Meb Keflezighi wearing?


    American Meb Keflezighi just won the Boston Marathon in 2 hours, 8 minutes, 37 seconds. And what exactly was Meb wearing as he ran across the finish line? CEP Compression Socks!

    CEP Progressive Run Socks are hugely popular with marathon runners. They provide 20-30 mmHg of moderate compression, which is ideal for performance socks. Moderate compression enhances circulation so muscles are quickly rejuvenated with fresh oxygen. These compression socks also support and stabilize leg muscles to prevent injury during long, intense runs. CEP, one of the best performance sock brands, also sells calf sleeves (without the foot portion) and recovery socks for both men and women. Learn more here.

  • Post-Pregnancy Compression Garments

    Rebecca Judd and her newborn baby A model recently credited her dramatic weight-loss after having a baby to wearing compression shorts. Rebecca Judd, an insanely beautiful Australian model and TV presenter, says she did not diet – she simply wore a pair of compression shorts that her doctor prescribed all day, every day.

    Judd is not the only woman in the public eye who has recommended compression garments to get her body-before-baby back.  Jessica Alba, mother of two, told Net-A-Porter that she wore a compression corset to bring back her slim physique:

     “It was brutal; it’s not for everyone,” she qualifies. “I wore a double corset day and night for three months. It was sweaty, but worth it.

    So, what’s compression doing to help slim down these beautiful women?

    Cecila Jevitt, a certified nurse mid-wife in Florida told Today.com that, “Wearing an external binder or corset gives the muscles support while they’re healing postpartum,” Jevitt said. “It doesn’t make mothers magically lose weight.”

    In the same article, a high-risk obstetrician at New York University said she recommends compression to her patients as well, but more for comfort and support – not weight loss.

    “It’s helpful if you’re bending down and picking up the baby off the changing table,” says Dr. Iffath. These products can help reduce lower back and abdomen pain and make it easier to be active.

    Compression products are becoming more and more popular for athletes – compression helps increase circulation of blood and oxygen to muscles, helping them to recover more quickly after a hard game, workout or run. So, it makes sense that compression worn over the abdominal muscles would help those muscles repair faster after giving birth. But, we doubt that it’s really a tool for weight loss.

    For confidence, however, we think wearing abdominal compression can be really positive. Many compression product brands offer the benefits of increased circulation as well as the benefits of shapewear. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your body after pregnancy, certainly wearing shapewear can be very helpful in creating a smooth, slim appearance and getting you back into your pre-pregnancy jeans. And, if you’ve had trouble with varicose veins during pregnancy – compression leggings, socks and stockings are proven to help relieve and prevent those from occurring again.

    If you’re interested in wearing compression garments post-pregnancy, we recommend the Solidea Abdominal Band. This band has a special micro massage fabric which activates circulation under the skin and has been shown to reduce cellulite and prevent scar formation. Additionally, the silver in the fabric eliminates bacteria which can help wounds heal if you’ve had a caesarian section.

    If you’re looking for additional shapewear options, look through Solidea’s other products which include shaping leggings and pantyhose – all with graduated compression.  Additionally RejuvaHealth offers a slimming black legging with mild compression – comfortable and effective.

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