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How To Put On Compression Socks


It's no fun to spend half your workout trying to get on a pair of socks. If you struggle to get your compression socks on quickly and easily, this trick will save you tons of time and effort. Simply follow the easy steps below:


How To Put On Compression Socks - Step 1Step 1:

With the sock turned right side out, reach inside and grab the heel of the stocking.





How To Put On Compression Socks - Step 2Step 2:

Holding onto the heel of the sock, turn it inside out, stopping at the heel. This creates a "pocket" to stick your foot into.





How To Put On Compression Socks - Step 3Step 3:

Slide your foot all the way into the sock, just over the back of the heel. Adjust the toe and heel areas to make sure they are in the right place. Make sure the sock isn't twisted around!





How To Put On Compression Socks - Step 4Step 4:

Grab the top of the sock and pull it over your heel and up your leg. The sock should rest about two finger-widths below the crease of your knee.





Still need some help? Check out this video to learn more:


Tip: When you are putting on sheer stockings, be careful not to snag the material. You can wear kitchen or gardening gloves to protect the fabric. There are even special donning gloves made just for compression hosiery that you can find here.

If you're still struggling to get your compression socks on, there are donning devices and accessories you can use to make it easier.

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3 thoughts on “How To Put On Compression Socks”

  • john

    My mild compression socks fit my foot perfectly, but are about an inch too high on the calf. What to do? Can I simply fold them down an inch?

    • Brita Ericson

      I would not recommend folding them down - that would probably be uncomfortable and leave a mark under your knee. It sounds like the sock is too long for you. What brand is it? Have you measured your leg from the floor to the bend in the knee? You might want to check out some products that have shorter lengths. Sigvaris usually offers Short and Long sizes in their products. The Therafirm EASE line also offers length options (http://www.brightlifedirect.com/ease-therafirm.asp)

  • john

    THANK YOU! My are Jobst. Going shopping now.

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